Winter Anime 2018: Quick End of Season Roundup

Rather than doing my old style end of season round up, where I gave my opinion on every show I had watched over the season, I thought I would talk about some of the shows that really struck a chord with me.

Or rather two shows that made a deep impression for the same reason.

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My Top 5 Manga Artists

Remember that time I said I wanted to get back into blogging? That’s right. It was that time back in October last year, since when I have published a pathetic five blog posts…!

Yeah, I remember that too. And, yeah, it hasn’t gone well since.

But here we are again, so let me tell you about the manga artists who I love to pieces.

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Secretive Otaku: When to reveal your true self to your colleagues

Being into anime and manga in the west isn’t easy.

In the past decade nerds have become more accepted – liking comics (such as Marvel and DC) isn’t viewed with the same strangeness was it used to be because their film counterparts have dominated the box office. But there are still negative connotations when it comes to Japanese nerdy culture.

And “coming out” as an otaku when you’re a full grown adult in the workplace can be one of the hardest things to do, because of the fowl miasma that hangs around the misconception that anime and manga is full of hentai and peadophila.

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