It’s time to say goodbye

Hi guys,

I think it’s finally time.

Time I said farewell to this blog.

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What was Mizu no Sekai?

Three years have passed since I started this blog.

I started it for two reasons: 1) To find a platform to talk about all the thoughts and feelings I had about anime and manga, and connect with like minded people; and 2) As a website to promote a comic series my friend and I were working on.

I have talked about this comic series less than a handful of times. I’ve been stalling for time by writing about the genre before sharing the comic with you, because it hasn’t been ready to share.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that comic series is ever going to be finished, so I’m going to share some parts of it with you now, because I would hate for those 3 years of hard work not to be seen by anyone.

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Without the fan service Free!’s now just another sports anime – and it pales in comparison to the rest

Errr…so, hi, guys! Loooooong time no speak!

I have no excuses for not being around – just that this blog is no longer a priority for me. I still love anime and manga, but I have other writing projects that need to take priority over this platform.¬†And the online comic project that was the reason for this blog’s creation has fallen through. More on that later.

But something has happened that has made me come crawling back to this site because I want to talk about it.

Free! Dive to the Future.

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Secretive Otaku: When to reveal your true self to your colleagues

Being into anime and manga in the west isn’t easy.

In the past decade nerds have become more accepted – liking comics (such as Marvel and DC) isn’t viewed with the same strangeness was it used to be because their film counterparts have dominated the box office. But there are still negative connotations when it comes to Japanese nerdy culture.

And “coming out” as an otaku when you’re a full grown adult in the workplace can be one of the hardest things to do, because of the fowl miasma that hangs around the misconception that anime and manga is full of hentai and peadophila.

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