Fathers and Sons: Plot Predictions


Well, they might be spoilers depending if these predictions are true or not!

I have two theories – one for Assassination Classroom and one for Blue Exorcist. Here they are…

Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyoshitsu Theory: Karma Akabane is the son of Gakuho Asano

Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane

I’m not up to date with the Assassination Classroom manga. I’ve only read the first three volumes and watched the first season of the anime, so I don’t know if there has been any more information released that could deny or support my theory, but I think that Karma is the son of the board chairman of Kunugigaoka Junior High, and the half-brother of Gakushu Asano.

My theory is so far based on the similarities in their appearance and personality.

Gakuho Asano
Gakuho Asano

Karma and Gakushu look like they are related. They have the same psychotic eyes and a similar hairstyle – Karma’s colour is just a darker version of Gakushu’s – and their face shapes are very similar. It’s interesting that the animation company changed Gakushu’s hair colour – it’s blonde in the manga, but strawberry blonde in the anime (almost like the animation company were trying to make them look more alike…?!).

Their personalities are also very similar – both are very intelligent and have the same cold, calculating air about them. The same personality trait can be seen in the board chairman, Gakuho Asano.

Gakushu Asano
Gakushu Asano

It is stated quite a lot that Gakushu is the only son of Gakuho Asano. Yes, this should shoot my theory down, but I think it’s mentioned so much that it’s trying to drive a point home that is going to be broken. It would shatter Gakuho’s reputation if it turns out he has a illegitimate son – which I assume Karma is going to end up being revealed as. It will be a good card for Class E to play if they need to get one up on Gakuho.

We don’t know anything about Karma’s parents or his home life. I read somewhere that Nagisa is the only one who has been to Karma’s house. It would suggest that Karma hasn’t got a stable home life.

I’m not sure if – my theory is correct – Karma knows Gakuho is his father. They have very little interaction – something that I assume will happen later on.

(I also have another Assassination Classroom plot prediction about why Koro-sensei has his tentacles, but I’ll save that for another blog post).

Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist Theory: Yukio is the biological son of Father Fujimoto

Yukio Okumura
Yukio Okumura

My other theory is that Yukio Okumura is the biological son of Father Fujimoto, and therefore is only Rin’s half-brother.

Fractal twins are possible – twins who have different fathers, but share a mother. Throughout the Blue Exorcist manga everyone refers to Rin as the bastard son of Satan. No one ever calls Yukio this, even though they are twin brothers. Granted this could be because Rin is the only one out of the two of them who inherited Satan’s blue flame, but at the same time that begs to question why Yukio didn’t. My theory that Yukio isn’t biologically related to Satan at all would prove this.

Shiro Fujimoto
Shiro Fujimoto

My head canon is that Father Fujimoto was married to Yukio’s and Rin’s mother. Either their mother had an affair with someone who was being possessed by Satan, or they forced themselves upon her, or took the form of Shiro to trick her, or something else happened, but she then ended up pregnant with two different men’s children.

Father Fujimoto being Yukio’s father would also explain why he raised Yukio and Rin – because they were his wife’s children and one of them is his biological son. He obviously cared very deeply for them both and they were like sons to him anyway. Sure, you can have that connection with children who you are not blood related to, but it would explain why he had a connection that deep with them.

Shiro and Yukio also share quite a lot of appearance similarities – the same nose, jaw line, mouth, chin, tall height and they both wear glasses. Side by side you can see that they look alike.

They are also both brilliant exorcists. We don’t know much about Father Fujimoto, but he was the paladin and it seems that Yukio will get a shot of becoming the paladin later on in the manga series, since he seems to be intelligent, level headed and a good leader.

And it’s the sort of thing Kazue Kato would do. She’s just so amazing – a great artist and amazing storyteller (I CANNOT RECOMMEND THE BLUE EXORCIST MANGA ENOUGH!!). We know very little about Father Fujimoto and I assume we’re going to get a lot more of his backstory later on in the manga, including how he is linked to Rin and Yukio’s mother.

What are your animanga plot predictions? Tell me in the comment box.

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