Summer Anime Watch List 2015: First Impressions

Apart from God Eater I’ve now watched 1 episode of each anime from my summer watch list.

And here are my first impressions of each series.

First episode spoilers ahead!


Chaos Dragon, Silver Link, Connect
Chaos Dragon, Silver Link, Connect

Chaos Dragon is my least favourite anime of the season so far.

It has its good points and its bad ones.

There are some really awesome character traits and world ideas.

I love Swallow’s curse – that any weapon he wields disintegrates, but he can use an all out attack just before it disappears.

I also thought the limitations on Ibuki’s powers were pretty awesome – that he has to sacrifice someone he loves in order to use the dragon’s power.

The other characters trait I liked was Kohkaku’s legs. Her legs are amputated above the knee so she has these awesome metal spider-like legs that expand out from her body when she fights. They’re also bound to her by souls of the people she has trapped inside them. It’s pretty awesome.

However, Chaos Dragon doesn’t have the most original story line and the writing and editing isn’t that strong.

In episode 2 there is a moment when someone gets stabbed through the chest by Kohkaku – Ibuki is fighting Kohkaku at this point so it’s all very tense. But then after the guy gets stabbed there’s a cut scene that diverts away from the battle, and when it comes back Ibuki is supporting the dying guy, listening to his last words. Kohkaku is just hanging around on the sidelines, doing nothing, just laughing evilly. That moment really spoiled the flow of the action, and it is very unlikely a villain would just stand at the sidelines while her prey was in her sight.

Kohkaku is also a rather dull villain. She just kills a load of people and laughs manically. She hasn’t got much character. She’s just a stereotypical antagonist.

I thought the plot was a little predictable. Young boy who is the rightful heir to the throne of a country that has been invaded…seen that one before a few times.

I also feel that Ibuki should be older. He’s, what, like 13? I feel as though he should be 15 or 16 since he is surrounded by older people and because of the way he acts.

I’m going to keep watching Chaos Dragon and unless it really starts to bug me I’ll probably finish it. As I said, it’s got some really cool ideas, but the plot and writing lets it down.

It’s enjoyable, but nothing special.


Gangsta., Manglobe
Gangsta., Manglobe

I am really enjoying this anime,

The housemate and I sat down and watched episode 2 together on Thursday.

Just so totally awesome.

I’ll talk a little about episode 2, since I already talked about episode 1 in my previous summer anime watch list post.

I love how Nic’s such a badass, and yet he’s got a soft side. I like his interaction with Nina in the second episode – how he grabbed her nose and teased her.

Doctor Theo was pretty awesome – even though he’s a doctor and prefers to stay out of fights he’s still plenty strong enough to hold Nic down.

Just yes to this anime.


Charlotte, P.A.Works
Rokka no Yuusha, Passione

I really liked the first episode of this anime, apart from the ending, and also the typical skimpy clan leading female character who has…bunny ears…?!

OK, so Rokka no Yuusha started off amazingly.

Awesome Aztec-like setting (big thumbs up from me since I LOVE the Aztecs), awesome main character who has awesome fighting skills, an arrogant personality and a dream that we learn of in the first couple of minutes. The main plot idea – that there is a demon that resurrects itself every couple of hundred years and has to be put down by six chosen heroes – is pretty cool.

The main female character, Nashetania, seems pretty awesome. She’s super strong since no one has managed to beat her in a fight, and she’s got a cool quirkiness to her, which seems to have become a common female character trait in boy’s manga (thinking of Shinoa from Owari no Seraph here), but…bunny ears?! REALLY?! She’s an awesome strong female character and you just had to go and give her rabbit ears?!

The thing that outrages me the most about her rabbit ears is that it’s not a trait among her people. I could accept her rabbit ears if it was something that a race of people had – but it just seems to be her. Again, I will accept them if it turns out they are a result of a curse or if there is another reason behind them, but giving a female character rabbit ears just for the sake of it – just to act as some sort of strange fetish for the male fans is inexcusable.

I thought the flow of the anime started to judder towards the end. Up to the point where Adlet gets thrown into the pit the anime was flowing very well, but I disliked how anticlimactic him becoming a Hero of the Six Flowers was. He barely celebrated the fact that, after all these years of dreaming of becoming one of them, he become one. I also didn’t like the quick escape that Adlet and Nashetania made – it all happened too quickly. I felt like the pace needed to be slowed down a little so the characters could accept the weight of what had just happened to them.

Despite all it’s faults, I’m looking forward to the watching episode 2.


Charlotte, P.A Works
Charlotte, P.A Works

This was an amazing first anime episode.

I was afraid that there was going to be loads of fan service, but there wasn’t any in the first episode.

I loved the main character – Yuu – in this anime. He’s like a lighter version of Light Yagami. He has the traditional villainous smirk and he missuses his powers.

But Yuu’s also kind of endearing. He loves his sister and treats her well. He’s also funny and sort of pathetic – his expression after he was dumped was just the best.

I loved the animation in this series.

The part when Joujirou is standing in the road with the dust billowing and swirling behind him was just stunning.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime/Snow White with Red Hair

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Bones
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Bones

This was also an amazing first episode.

I really liked Shirayuki. She’s an awesome strong female lead, and there are some interesting support characters.

Since they’ve already played the poisoned apple card I’ll be interested to see where the series goes once Shirayuki joins Zen’s court. What else are they going to add into the anime that will be references to the fairy tale?

Also looking forward to seeing the romance develop between Shirayuki and Zen, although I just hope no annoying love triangles develop… Can’t stand love triangles…

What was everyone else’s first impressions of the summer anime lineup?

4 thoughts on “Summer Anime Watch List 2015: First Impressions

  1. Thanks! I haven’t really watched anything this season yet so I needed a few pointers as to what to watch and avoid :). Any other recommendations?


      1. I actually haven’t watched any of the ones in that list actually. I read naruto and, like the writer of the post, hated the fillers in the anime.

        Recently I’ve enjoyed Sakamichi No apollon, terror in resonance (despite the plot holes), clannad and after story, ano hana, my teen romantic comedy, no game no life. In fact generally all the series I’ve reviewed on my blog are favourites tbh.

        Hope that gives you an idea of my taste in anime anyway :). Looking forward to your recommendation 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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