30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 4:  Favourite Female Anime Character Ever 

Yesterday I told you who my favourite male anime character was, and now I’m going to tell you who my favourite female anime characters is.

Drum roll please…

Wolf Children, Madhouse
Wolf Children, Madhouse

It’s Hana, from Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki/Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki.


Hana was the first woman (rather than girl or teenager) I wanted to be like.

She’s emotionally strong – when the Wolf Man dies she doesn’t go into a slump. She has two kids, she doesn’t have the time to be depressed. She gets up and moves on, focusing on her children to help her keep a grip.

She stays in education while looking after two young kids. If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is. Not only that, but after they move to the countryside she refurbishes the house all by herself, grows food and goes to work.

I like how she deals with raising two children who are caught between two worlds. She doesn’t make Ame go to school when he starts skipping – she lets him come with her to work, to start to gravitate towards being a wolf rather than a human. She doesn’t stop him from choosing a life that will take him away from her. And at the end when Yuki chooses to go to a boarding school that takes her away from her mother, Hana still smiles even though she has now been left alone.

The ending of Wolf Children really cuts me deep, because even after Hana was strong and did everything she could for her children she’s still left alone. She goes back to how she was at the start of the film before she met the Wolf Man. It’s very true to real life – your children will always leave you at some point and you’ll often be left alone. It’s such a sad fate for Hana, but she keeps on going. You don’t feel too sad because you know she’ll be able to cope with anything that life throws at her.

Hana is just everything I want to be – kind, gentle, hardworking, emotionally strong and determined.

Hana is truly the goddess of all strong female characters.


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