30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 5:  Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed 

I sort of stumbled across Witch Craft Works.

Witch Craft Works, J.C. Staff
Witch Craft Works, J.C. Staff

Neo Magazine had a feature on it in one of their issues – I thought it sounded good and watched all 12 episodes in one day… As I tend to do!

It wasn’t the best anime ever, but I really enjoyed it!

There are some awesome female characters in it – there is literally only one male character who is the main protagonist Takamiya. He is one of the weakest characters in the anime, his only power coming from the female demon trapped inside him, which he can’t even master. All the female witches around him are super strong with awesome powers.

I loved how Kagari – the female main character – was the one always protecting Takamiya. Usually in shounen the male lead is always protecting and saving the female lead BUT NOT IN THIS ANIME!!

One of the groundbreaking aspects of this anime was the lesbian mums. Takamiya’s and Kagari’s mum were lesbians, but because they couldn’t get married they split up and had children, making a promise that if they had a boy and a girl they would get married. And in the anime now that Takamiya’s and Kagari’s fathers don’t seem to be around the pair of them seem to be dating again. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! A canon pair of lesbians in a shounen anime?!?!

The plot of Witch Craft Works isn’t that strong, and it’s sort of cliche that Takamiya has a demon trapped inside of him, since it’s something a LOT of shounen manga/anime protagonists have (e.g. Naurto, Miharu and Yuu), but I did enjoy the anime…even if I’m a little ashamed to admit it!


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