30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 7:  Your Anime Crush 

I’ve accepted I have a thing for animated red haired psychos.

Naruto, Studio Pierrot
Naruto, Studio Pierrot

To be honest, Makoto from Free! really should be the one featured in this post, but because he makes up one half of my OTP with Haru, I just can’t accept my own feelings for him. I can’t split apart such a beautiful pair.

So Gaara – who I just have this strange thing for – is going to be the leader of this post.

Yes, he is a bit of a strange choice. It’s even stranger that since I watched Assassination Classroom I’ve also developed a little thing for Karma…

Assassination Classroom, Lerche
Assassination Classroom, Lerche

Yeah…so red haired animated psychos with strange eyes do something for me…?!

There’s something about Gaara that makes me fangirl. I love how dependable he is, how calm and strong in a crisis. I love his character development from the psychotic kid we meet in the first series who can’t control his tailed beast, and then he changes into a leader who forages an alliance with the Hidden Leaf, and stays great friends with Naruto.

He’s just the best!

And he’s also rather good looking…

Yes. Gaara is the man for me!


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