30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 8:  Favourite Anime Couple 

They were the power anime couple of 2012.

Sword Art Online, A-1 Pictures
Sword Art Online, A-1 Pictures

I love Sword Art Online.

The first half of the first season was amazing. The second half wasn’t so good. The first half of the second season was pretty good, and I enjoyed the second half.

I’m currently re-watching the series with my housemate who hasn’t seen it before, and I’m remembering how much I love Kirito and Asuna as a couple.

Their relationship is unusual for a shounen anime, because they get together in what, like, episode 10?! Normally in shounen the main couple won’t become canon until the end of the series, so you have that tension running through the series and the romance doesn’t distract the hero from his goal. I also think most male shounen mangakas are uncomfortable writing romance, and since shounen is read by majoritively by boys I doubt romance is something they are looking for when they read manga, or watch anime.

So I was really surprised Kirito and Asuna became canon so soon in the series…and they got married in episode 11…and got a kid by episode 12…!

But I liked that. It made a nice change to see a canon relationship in an anime – rather than seeing two people dodging each other, blushing whenever their hands accidentally touched, and we got to see how a couple interact with each other.

We also get to see moments like this, which we don’t usually get to see in anime:

The thing that makes this couple my favourite is how Kirito respects Asuna. He doesn’t jump in front of her to defend her. He lets her fight, knowing how strong she is. He doesn’t steal all the glory for himself – he lets her fight her own battles, even stepping aside to let her take the lead.

I also love how they fight together:

They’re in such good sync.

I don’t like how their relationship takes a back seat after they get out of the Sword Art Online game – there are hardly any moments between them after they get out of SAO – but their relationship is sort I would love to see more of in shounen and seinen.


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