30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 10:  Favourite Fighter Anime 

With this challenge I’m trying not to reuse the same series or scenes for each challenge.

If I wasn’t following this rule then Naruto would be the answer to this question.

But since I’ve used Naruto as the answer for a LOT of these challenge questions I’ll use another of my favourite fighter animes to answer today’s question.

Towa no Quon, Bones
Towa no Quon, Bones

This anime is seriously underrated.

Towa no Quon is the X-Men of the anime world, and that’s what makes it so awesome!

It’s a rather unusual anime in that the episodes were released in six 45 minute episodes, so there were more like 6 really short films that worked together as a series.

The series has some amazing characters, backstories, and fighting scenes with awesome powers to go with them. So you have powers that are on the same level as those in X-Men, but the characters are fighting traditional anime style battles, which are well choreographed.

Just. Yes to this anime.


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