30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 11:  Favourite Mecha Anime

I’m going to be honest, put up my hand and say that I haven’t watched any mecha anime…and I’m not sure I’m planning to.

Code Geass, Sunrise
Code Geass, Sunrise

I have tried watching two mecha anime – Code Geass and Gurren Lagann.

The housemate and I tried watching Code Geass together and we didn’t get on with it. There were quite a few plot holes and things that didn’t make sense. These might have been explained later on, but the lack of clarity in the early episodes put us off the series.

My housemate is in love with Gurren Lagann. I enjoyed the first episode, and I might continue it one day, but robots don’t really do it for me.

I prefer fantasy and sci-fi anime. I know mecha is a genre close to those two, but, as I said, robots don’t really excite me.

Feel free to recommend me some good mecha anime – I feel like I need to give some more a go!


One thought on “30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 11:  Favourite Mecha Anime

  1. Well even though there are Mechas on Code Geass, they are not THAT important to the story. I think the main genre of Code Geass is sci-fi or psychological. I think the best MEcha anime is Gundam Wing, some of the newer series.

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