What I want to see in Free! Starting Days

By now you should all have realised how much of a Free! fan I am.

Free! Starting Days, Kyoto Animation
Free! Starting Days, Kyoto Animation

So I am SUUUUUUUPERRRRRR (*does Franky pose*) excited about the Free! film that is set to be released in Japan in December.

Free! Starting Days is going to follow Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, Rin, Sousuke and other characters during their middle school days. It’s based on the light novel that inspired the TV series.

(Just how adorable does middle school Makoto look? He’s so tall and lanky.)

I doubt I’ll be able to watch the film until next year…or the year after…but I can’t wait to see my boys again. Watching the Eternal Summer OVA back in the spring was like a bittersweet punch to the gut – it was great seeing new material, but at the same time it left me wanting more.

I highly doubt there will be any new Free! animated material released after this film, so I’m trying to accept it as a goodbye to my favourite anime.

Anyway, here’s what I’m hoping what we’ll get from Free! Starting Days.

Opening and closings by Oldcodex and Style Five

Free! Starting Days, Kyoto Animation
Free! Starting Days, Kyoto Animation

Keeping with consistency and the feeling of the franchise, I seriously hope the film has an opening song performed by Oldcodex, and then it will end with a song by Style Five.

This should be easily doable since Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who voices Makoto, is the leader singer of Oldcodex, and Style Five is composed of Tatsuhisa Suzuki and the guys who voice Haru, Nagisa, Rei and Rin.

I loved having a pumping rocky Oldcodex opening and then a cheesy upbeat ending for each Free! episode. I think that kind of style fits the anime perfectly – cause it’s all like intense races, and tense moments between characters, but then it’s also gay looks, blush lines and cute friendship moments.

Plot that is set in present and in the past

Free! Starting Days, Kyoto Animation
Free! Starting Days, Kyoto Animation

I really hope the whole film isn’t set in the past.

I hope there are a few scenes set in the present – and by that I mean I hope we get to see Haru and co for a few scenes as their 17 and 18 year old selves, perhaps reflecting back on their time in middle school as a gateway into the events of the film.

This way we get to see Rei, Nitori and Momo again, who otherwise won’t get to be in the film. And since this is possibly the last we will see of everyone it would make me very sad to miss out on seeing those three again.

And it will also allow some room for my next point…

Canon couples

Free!, Kyoto Animation
Free!, Kyoto Animation

I seriously doubt that this will happen.

But I really hope it does!

I really want to see the couples made official. I want to see hand holding and kisses!!

If it’s going to happen it’s more likely to in film rather than on TV. I say this because Utena and Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena didn’t kiss in the TV anime – only in the film after the series (I only know about this from watching AnimeAmericaPodcast’s video on Top 10 Romantic Couples of Anime).

A lot of romances in anime aren’t resolved until the films – such as Naruto and Hinata. Technically they get together in the manga, since in the prologue they have kids, but their romantic story line wasn’t shown until Naruto The Last (that film gave me way too many feels).

It gives me hope that, perhaps, MakoHaru might become canon, although I guess you could argue that it already is from some of the moments that are shown in the anime, and some of the material that been released since the anime ended…

Bring on the Free!


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