30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 17:  Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character 

He’s my red haired psycho no.2.

Assassination Classroom, Lerche
Assassination Classroom, Lerche

Gaara is my red haired psycho no.1, and Karma Akabane is no.2.

I love them both, but Gaara is my proper anime crush. I just love Karma because he’s an adorable little psychotic shit.

He’s also a loyal friend to Nagisa, and a great help to the rest of the class when it comes down to thinking up ways to kill Koro-sensei.

He’s a clever little shit, but he doesn’t work. One of my favourite moments of the first season is when Karma does badly on his end of term exams because he doesn’t study. He’s one of those people who thinks he can breeze through life without doing any work because he’s clever. He’s learns a valuable lesson and from then he works harder.

He also develops as a character throughout the first season – at the start he is obsessed with killing Koro-sensei on his own, refusing to work with the rest of the class, but when he realises he can’t do it on his own he teams up with everyone and starts paying attention in lessons.

I love when the class go to Kyoto and he says that he has a little crush on Okuda because she could make him some wicked potions. He doesn’t care about appearance – he cares what people’s personalities are (and how they can benefit him…)


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