30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 18:  Favourite Supporting Female Character 

At some point I’m planning to write a blog post about the strongest female characters in anime, and this lady would be top of the list.

Free!, Kyoto Animation
Free!, Kyoto Animation

I’ve already written two posts that describe in depth my feelings towards Free!, and in this one I talk about Gou-chan, and female representation in the show.

For this post let’s just say that I love this girl and how she was treated by the show’s creators.

She doesn’t care about love or boys – sure, she draws the attention of Momo and his brother Seijuro, but she never chooses one of them. She doesn’t become involved in a stupid love triangle, or have any romantic attachments to the Iwatobi boys. She only cares about muscles, training the Iwatobi swim club and healing her relationship with Rin.

She’s a great coach – she creates training schedules for the Iwatobi boys, gets help from Coach Sasabe, and makes sure they are in peak physical condition by making sure they are eating the correct foods.

I just think she’s the best.


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