30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 19:  Most Epic Scene Ever

This scene was epic and heartbreaking at the same time.

Naruto, Studio Pierrot
Naruto, Studio Pierrot

Naruto vs. Pain was the most epic fight ever.

Like EVER.

The whole arc when Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf Village was just immense.

My favourite part of that arc was when Pain and Naruto fought one on one, because not only was it an awesome battle, where Naruto nearly unsealed the 9 tails and also met Minato for the first time, but also we had the first moment between Hinata and Naruto.

Hinata was the only one who came to help Naruto. She knew was wasn’t strong enough to defeat Pain, but she went to protect Naruto anyway. This scene is the reason why I ship them so hard, because Hinata deserves Naruto. Sakura did nothing in this scene to protect Naruto. She doesn’t deserve him – Hinata deserved to be with the one she loved because she was willing to die protecting him.

And then when Naruto thinks that Hinata has died he loses control, and my favourite GIF of the anime was born:

And there were just dozens of amazing moments in that fight in the anime. I felt Studio Pierrot really pulled out all the stops in terms of animation, time and money for this fight:

After Naruto loses control he faces his first real test when it comes to controlling the 9 tails, and his first meeting with Minato.

It’s definitely my favourite arc in Naruto and my favourite anime fight scene.


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