30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 23: Favourite Attack Someone Used in an Anime

I guess this was one of my favourite powers, rather than favourite attack, but the two are linked.

Nabari no Ou, J.C. Staff
Nabari no Ou, J.C. Staff

Nabari no Ou is a seriously underrated manga and anime.

I’ve read the first volume of the manga and watched the anime series. I think it’s great because it deals with real life issues while being set against a fantasy background, with lots of cool ninja action scenes. The ninja setting for Nabari no Ou has similarities to Naruto, but the way that the powers are used is different.

The power or attack that is my favourite is Yoite’s – not only is it a cool attack power, but it’s also tragic.

The jutsu Yoite learns is one that uses up the user’s life force. He learns it because he believes he doesn’t want to live anymore after suffering abuse at the hands of his family. The jutsu eats away at the user’s body, first killing off their five senses and then killing them completely.

The jutsu – or Kira technique – allows Yoite to shoot his life force in bullet form from his finger tip. The bullet then stops the flow of “ki” in the target’s body, causing their bones to break or their body to completely explode.


One of the scenes I find the most heartbreaking in all anime is the scene when Yoite gains the Kira power. He’s young when he receives it – around 12 – and in a couple of hours he grows to the size of a fully grown adult. It’s just so horrible watching him writhe in pain as the cells in his body grow older and then when he wakes up he’s changed into someone else, meaning that there is no turning back – that he is on the road of his final years.


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