30-Day Anime Challenge: Day 26: Best Anime Fight 

This fight was short, but awesome!

Fairy Tail, A-1 Pictures
Fairy Tail, A-1 Pictures

Gajeel and Rogue are two of my favourite characters in Fairy Tail, and I loved their fight in the Grand Magic Games.

It was such a short fight, but it was just so awesome.

I especially loved the introduction of future Rogue in this fight – how he was hiding in Rogue’s shadow and then he took over his body.

We also got to see Gajeel in his most awesome form:

I love how Natsu’s fire and Laxus’s lightening can work together, and then Gajeel’s iron and Rogue’s shadow compliment each other. Two dragon slayer abilities can be mixed to create something even more awesome.

Yup. This was a good fight.


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