4 Animanga announcements that made me fangirl

This week has been a very good for anime and manga news as far as I am concerned.

Oldcodex will be performing the opening for Free! Starting Days

Free! Starting Days, Kyoto Animation

One of the things I wanted to happen in the new Free! film has come true!!

It was announced on Monday that Oldcodex will be returning to the Free! franchise to perform the opening for the film that is coming out in December in Japan.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that this is happening. The film wouldn’t feel like part of Free! unless they had Oldcodex performing the opening song. I’m just hoping they get Style Five back together to do the closing song.

Looking forward to hearing their new single in December.

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are creating a new manga together 

Platinum End, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

This was a very welcome piece of news.

The housemate and I were discussing this duo the other day, wondering if we were going to get anymore work from them.

I’m intrigued by the premise of this series: “This is a story of a human and an angel.”

When I read this out to the housemate we turned to each other, both knowing that in the other’s head the words “shounen ai” were floating around, but we quickly dismissed this thought because it would be completely out of this duo’s style to write something like that, and for Shounen Jump to publish it. We can say for certain that the human and angel are both male, since that is the type of story Tsugumi Ohba writes (in Death Note it was Light and L, and in Bakuman it was Shujin and Saiko). I’ll be interested to see if the two protagonists are rivals or partners.

Looking forward to reading the first chapter of Platinum End in early November!

Assassination Classroom season 2 will be airing in January

Assassination Classroom, Lerche

Considering I thought we weren’t going to see Assassination Classroom season 2 until March 2016, the news that we are going to see it a whole two months early is fantastic.

I seriously miss that class – especially Karma-kun. Life just isn’t the same without my weekly dose of my Red Haired Psycho No. 2.

Just got to keep my fingers crossed now that Funimation decide to sub and stream it at the same time as it is aired in Japan like they did with season 1.

Tokyo Ghoul season 3 will be airing next year

Tokyo Ghoul, Studio Pierrot

I’m half excited and half hesitant about this news, because I love! love!! love!!! Tokyo Ghoul season 1, but season 2 was a seriously big let down. It was so slow and pointless. We hardly got to see any Kaneki Ken at all in the 12 episodes.

I’m just hoping that they do a better job of translating Tokyo Ghoul Re to the small screen than they did with the second half of the original series.

Have there been any anime or manga announcements recently that have go you excited?


2 thoughts on “4 Animanga announcements that made me fangirl

    1. Season 1 is AMAZING!! You should definitely watch that, and also the first episode of season 2, but the rest of season 2 isn’t worth it. Best to switch to the manga after that.

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