Kaichou wa Maid-sama End of Series Roundup

I discovered Kaichou wa Maid-sama in the Viz Media 2015 manga preview book I got free at MCM Comic Con back in May. I read the first chapter and thought it was OK, but wasn’t bothered about buying the series. Then the other day I fantasied watching some lighthearted shoujo and picked the Kaichou wa Maid-sama anime.  

Kaichou wa Maid-sama, J.C. Staff

Overall I really enjoyed the show. It was just what I wanted to watch – lighthearted, with a main romance theme, funny moments and a strong cast of characters.

I thought Usui and Misa’s relationship wasn’t perhaps the healthiest at first – as she said, he was a “hentai stalker”, which I found off-putting. I know she was never in any real danger from him, but at the same time why would you want to keep hanging around a guy who comes to your place of work every day, and also corners you against a tree, telling you your his personal servant? The more shoujo I read or watch, the more I see these unhealthy relationships being portrayed.

In a lot of shoujo the female main character is often embarrassed to enter into a relationship with the boy, or clueless towards their feelings for them, but that doesn’t mean the love interest should be forceful with them. Those sort of situations – where the boy corners a girl against a tree – are suppose to create sexual tension, but they do the opposite when the female main character says she doesn’t want to be touched and pushes the guy off her, but often he refuses to move.

Usui becomes a more likable character later on in the series when he stops being quite so intimating, and I shipped them a lot at the end of the series when Misa started to return his feelings, and actually liked being touched by him. And, despite my rant, there were a lot of positive things about their relationship, like how Usui was always willing to help her with her problems.

Favourite character


Aoi was my favourite character from the series, just because I loved what he was fighting for. He was a great representation of a cross-dresser – the type of character who is often just put in for comedy in manga and anime.

I really liked his character because he was fighting for something that he wanted. He was always getting kicked out of his parent’s house and getting into fights with them because they didn’t approve of him wearing girl’s clothes, which I thought was really sad, because surely the one place you are allowed to be yourself is your own home. The fact that his parents wouldn’t allow him to wear what he wanted and be what he wanted upset me, and made me like Aoi more.

I loved the beach arc when Aoi and Misa entered the volleyball tournament together in order for Aoi to be allowed to wear the clothes he wanted. It was cruel of the aunt to make him do something like that, but it was great that Aoi was willing for fight for the right to be himself, and that Misa was willing to help him do that, really added a depth to the series and their relationship.

Favourite scene 


Just any scene between Yukimura and Usui after Usui kissed Yukimura. Yukimura was adorable anyway, but his reactions to Usui after that kiss were just so funny.

Favourite line


Again, Aoi’s character produced one of my favourite lines from the anime.

I’m all for gender equality, and I always like a point that drives home the fact that men should be allowed to dress whatever they want, the same as women.

The point that Aoi can’t wear or like cute things because he is a boy – because it is seen as ‘unmanly’ – is one of my favourite points of the show, because it’s really pointing out a flaw in our society.

Favourite relationship


I loved the three idiots.

They made such good comic relief, although I feel sorry for them for spending all that money at the Maid Latte just in a pathetic attempt to get Misa’s attention. All their efforts always end up going to waste.

Funniest moment


During the butler competition when Misa’s gender is questioned, and she strips off and plants Usui’s hand to her chest. Usui – expecting something – is disappointed and pronounces Misa’s chest to be, “As flat as a board” thus clearing any suspicion that she is a man to the other candidates.

Saddest moment 


I really liked Hinata. Even though I shipped Usui and Misa I found it upsetting when Hinata began to realise that he didn’t have a chance at getting Misa, because she was already in love with Usui.

Hinata and Misa’s backstory is adorable, especially all the times when Hinata was away from the city thinking about her, determined to find her when he headed back to his hometown. It was sad that when Hinata finally got back it was too late, because Misa had already fallen for Usui.

I ship Hinata and Misa’s sister though. They’ll make such a cute couple ^^

I’m hoping that they’ll make a second season of Maid-sama especially since the manga is complete. Not holding my breath though…


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