Summer Anime 2015: End of Season Roundup

The summer anime season is officially over. There were some very good series, some OK ones, and some pretty terrible ones.

Here’s what I thought about the series I watched:


(I got out the habit of posting this at the start of blog posts when I reveal key plot points – sorry!

I’ll try to remember to do it from now on)


Charlotte, P.A Works
Charlotte, P.A Works

Charlotte was my favourite series out the ones on my Summer Anime Watch List 2015.

I loved Yuu as a main character and the development he underwent. He started off as a Light Yagami type of character, but then he met Tomori and the others he became a better person. And then he slipped back into his old character after Ayumi died – in fact he became worse. (I think Yuu’s grieving episode was probably my favourite).

The dark undertone of this anime was amazing. The biggest hit of feels I got was when we met Tomori’s brother for the first time and found out what had happened to him.

I do wish they had cut down the number of stand alone episodes at the start of the series and entered an arc sooner. I found that it dragged a little at the start, but then picked up once things began to happen.

I also felt sort of cheated that Ayumi came back to life. Her death was a big shock factor to the series, so everything felt redundant when she came back. It might me mean of me to say this, but I wish she had stayed dead… I also didn’t find Kumagami’s death very sad. Shunsuke’s reaction was over the top and I almost found myself laughing at how ridiculous it was.

When I started Charlotte I expected it to end after 12 episodes, so when I watched episode 12 I thought it was the last one. Even though that would have left the ending very open I think I almost preferred it to the ending they gave episode 13 (which shocked me when it was released since I wasn’t expecting it). I liked that it was a happy ending, but episode 13 felt so flat. I was expecting the series to expand more so we had the kids fighting the government, or doing something about the comet. Yuu wandering around on his own, collecting the powers was flat compared to what they could have done. They could have made it more epic, especially since they had all those powers to play with.

Despite my rants I did really enjoy Charlotte. I would highly recommend it.

Rokka no Yuusha

Charlotte, P.A.Works
Charlotte, P.A.Works

I was a little disappointed by this anime.

The beginning of episode 1 was AMAZING! It sucked me in almost from the moment the episode started, and then it felt stilted towards the end. Then the story line became slower and slower.

Who the 7th brave turned out to be wasn’t a massive shock, because they spent so long guessing who it was I ended up suspecting everyone in the party. Although the reveal that Nashetania was the impostor wasn’t the most obvious of all the options of who it could have been.

But I hated the ending to the last episode. Cause it was all like “Oh, we’ve figured out who the extra brave is, so we can finally get on with the story, but OH NO! HERE’S ANOTHER EXTRA BRAVE! We’re going to have to go through all that again!!!” *sigh* I hope it doesn’t take them as long as it took them to work out who the 7th one was… I have my suspects that Goldov is the extra brave – I think he faked being a brave so that he could stay by Nashetania’s side and protect her.

I didn’t 100% understand what went down with the barrier, or why it was so important, but the parts I understood I thought were very clever – the whole thing with the mist, and lowering and raising the temperature to create it.

There was a lot I liked about the series – the Aztec/Mayan setting was unique, Adlet was a cool main character and different from a typical anime protagonist. I also ended up really liking the romance between Adlet and Flemie – they’re a cute couple, although I kind of felt Adlet’s love for her came out of nowhere too quickly.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Aoharu x Kikanjuu, Brains Base

This anime ended up being my favourite. It wasn’t on my original list, but I decided to watch it after all the positive reactions I had seen on Twitter. And boy, oh, boy am I glad I stumbled across it!

I thought the survival game aspect to it was a good original take on the battle aspect of a typical battle manga. It really made me want to try survival games for myself.

I loved all the characters, especially Tachibana and Masamune, who I ended up shipping. I squealed and hugged my pillow when Masamune fist recognized his feelings for her. The rest of the series is going to be funny until Masamune finds out that Tachibana is a girl.

I’m desperate to read the manga. Yen Press are going to licence it in the UK, but only for digital download… Which does nothing for me since I don’t own a tablet or Kindle, and I don’t like reading manga digitally. It’s possible it will be printed if it sells well digitally. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Bones
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Bones

This was such a beautiful series.

It was one of the best relationships I’ve seen portrayed in shoujo. Shirayuki and Zen make an adorable couple, and I liked how there was no advances on either of their sides. Zen didn’t corner Shirayuki at any point to create sexual tension – he kept his distance from her until he was sure she wanted the same thing he did.

I felt really sorry for Obi though since it seems he also likes Shirayuki…

I can’t wait for the second half of the series to be released next year!


Gangsta., Manglobe
Gangsta., Manglobe

The ending of this series was truly horrible. Why, oh why, oh why did they have to end it on such a big cliffhanger?!

The day after the series finished I found the manga and started reading it to find out what happens next.

I loved this anime. All the characters were great. Alex didn’t develop in the badass way I hoped she would, but she was still pretty awesome.

I found keeping up with the plot a little tricky at times, because there were just so many characters introduced in such a short space of time. It was easier to read the manga, and go back over what had happened and who was who. Although, that might be just me, since I always seem to get confused when watching any gang related films.

Since Manglobe have recently announced that they are bankrupt it is uncertain what the future of the Gangsta anime will be. If they get bailed I imagine they will animate the rest of the manga, if not I assume another production company will pick it up. It’s too good a story to waste.

God Eater

God Eater, Ufotable
God Eater, Ufotable

We’ve still got four episodes to go on this anime – episodes 10 to 13 are set to be aired during the winter – but I thought I’d do a mini round up.

I’m annoyed that this anime has been split, because I finally feel I’m connecting to the characters, especially Lenka. My heart sank a little when we found out that he’s only got a few months left to live. I hope that we get to find out his backstory in the remaining 4 episodes.

I really liked the reveal we got for Soma, about who his parents are and how he was an experiment to combat the monsters.

God Eater was slow to get off its feet, but once it did I really started to enjoy it. Just a shame it’s going to end after it’s just gotten into its stride.

I also had Chaos Dragon on my list of anime to watch over the winter, but I stopped after 5 episodes or so. There were some really cool ideas in it, but the writing was terrible. I couldn’t stick with it.

I’ve also started watching Ushio to Tora, which I am very much enjoying. I love how they’ve kept the 80s style character designs, but have made it look modern. Because they’ve got the whole manga plot they’re not stretching out episodes with filler or drawn out moments – it’s ticking along at a good pace. We’re finally getting into the main story line now.

I was late joining, but I also caught up with Arslan Senki. I’ve never watched a historical style anime before, but I still really enjoyed it. It was a little strange watching an anime that was large scale battles and army campaigns, rather than one-on-one battles with character leveling up their powers. I did find it a little strange that Arslan looked so much like Edward Elric… I think Hiromu Arakawa must really like drawing her protagonists with that type of hairstyle. I hope they animate the rest of the series, otherwise I might have to pick up the manga!

What was your favourite anime of Summer 2015?


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