Akame ga Kill: An Anime After My Own Heart

Before I watched Akame ga Kill I was going to write a blog post called “Do enough animanga characters dies?” But instead of having a rant I want to praise the masterpiece that is this anime.


I’ve reached the point where I no longer fear for characters.

If a character gets knocked during a fight at the end of an episode, I know in the next one they are going to get up and keep fighting. They’re going to be fine. They won’t suffer life changing injuries or die.

In my opinion anime and manga plots have become too safe.

Then when I watched Akame ga Kill in December I was overjoyed to finally find an anime where I no longer knew the characters were going to walk away from the battle, with only a few scratches. I rediscovered fear.

And, ohmygoodness, DID I FEAR!

The tone for the anime was set after Sheele’s death, but at the time you think it’s a one-off. Then Bulat is also dies, and you start to have a sneaking suspicion what the author is playing at.


So this is heartache…

Because whenever a battle begins you start panicking over who is doing to die. You quickly learn in this anime one character will die per battle. There is no knocking out, no getting up, or miracle revivals. These battles are really to the death.

Not only did the author make you fear for the Night Raiders, but also for the members of Esdeath’s team, because they made them into sympathetic characters. You didn’t want them to die as much as you wanted the Night Raid members to.

I understand that this style of storytelling isn’t to everyone’s tastes. Not everyone wants an anime where there is a constant stream of character deaths, but there are so many anime out there like Fairy Tail and One Piece, where the characters have amazing powers, stunning battles, but they never amount to anything.

There’s never any loss or consequence.

Trafalgar Law loses an arm and gets it sewed back on. Hiro Mashima gives us moments when we think the Natsu and Grey have taken on some serious damage, but then they get up and are fine. Lucy says a tearful farewell to Aquarius, but – OF COURSE – Aquarius finds a way to come back to her. Yes, it’s uplifting and you feel good for the characters, but it defuses the tension so much that you feel nothing when you watch your favourite characters fight.

Akame ga Kill is honest and realistic. It acknowledges the truth that there are always going to be casualties on both sides during a fight. Heroes don’t always come out on top.

I love how Akame ga Kill captures this ideal and presents it to us on a plate cracking under the weight of heartache.

I seriously recommend this series if you want to watch a tension-filled anime that is full of complex characters, humorous moments, has a dark setting and a gripping plot.


4 thoughts on “Akame ga Kill: An Anime After My Own Heart

  1. Hahahahahahah I so agree!!! This anime is so good. But when you start to like a character they die! You are like WTF! It came out of no where. But you can’t help but to continue watching this show. One of my favs.

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  2. Holy moly. At first when I watched Akame Ga Kill, I was like “What the heck? They keep dying! This isn’t fair to viewers at all” and I marked it as a horrible anime because of all the unnecessary deaths. But after reading your post, you made me realize that this is realistic. People die all the time, whether they’re good or bad. I think I’m too used to fantasy animes, like Fairy Tail, because I want the characters to live a long happy life. But life isn’t really like that huh.

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