My top 5 manga volume cover art

Just a quick one this week since I’m already a day late posting.

Here are the manga series I think have the best volume covers:


Noragami, Adachi Toka
Noragami, Adachi Toka

The art in Noragami is amazing anyway, but I think Adachitoka’s watercolour cover art is particularly stunning. It really suits the ethereal and otherworldly theme of the manga. The colours she uses for the cover jackets are beautiful, and complement each other when you put them together.


Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom, Yūsei Matsui
Assassination Classroom, Yusei Matsui

Again, another brightly coloured cover series that looks amazing when you stack them on top of each other. I like how Yusei Matsui has drawn a different face for Koro-sensei for each volume. It’s simplistic in most cases, but also really fun and different.



Gangsta, Kohske
Gangsta, Kohske

I think it’s really clever how Kohske has designed these covers, in terms of how the front and back link together. They show one picture, but from two different angles. It makes the volume covers more interactive.

Seraph of the End


I really like Yamato Yamamoto’s art style. It’s very unique and his colour pages always look amazing. What I love most about these volumes is the pull out colour poster at the front. One of the disadvantages of buying manga in volumes rather than in magazines is that apart from the cover you don’t get any colour pages, which is why I like the pull out posters in the Seraph of the End volumes. It’s a nice added touch allowing you to see the characters designs in their full potential. I also like the black and neon green colour scheme this series has – the spines really stand out among the other volumes on my manga shelf.



One Punch Man


The back covers of One Punch Man are really ingenious. Adding the 3D effect to the images is a nice touch and adds a nice interactive element to volumes. We’ve got three of the volumes in the flat, but haven’t bent any of the back covers to get the full effect of the design, because we don’t want to ruin the covers! It’s still cool though.


And an honourable mention to Yoshihiro Togashi for some of the worst cover art for Hunter x Hunter


Bless him.

Which manga covers do you think have the best art? 


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