ALL the Sports Anime

I know Winter Anime 2016 has pretty much ended – and the first Spring 2016 episodes aired last night – but I’m waiting for Ajin to finish next week before I post my roundup.

So this week we’re looking ahead to the rest of the year, into a genre of anime that is looking likely to become the hottest flavour of 2016.

Sports anime have always been around. In recent years there have been a few scattered throughout the year, with the stars being Free!, Kuroko no Basket, and Haikyuu.

But in seems the upcoming Summer and Autumn anime seasons are going to see a rise in the number of sports anime. The genre that hasn’t been around much is looking to dominate 2016.

Why has there been a sudden rise in sports anime?

Who can say. But I would bet on the reason being something to do with the popularity of the three aforementioned shows, especially Free! I don’t think anyone expected Free! to be as popular as it turned out to be (KyoAni really smashed their target audience with that show).

The market seems to be ripe for sports anime and a number of studios are jumping on the band wagon.

So, what sporting anime delights are upcoming later this year?

Cheer Danshi!!

Set to air in July, Cheer Danshi! looks like a delightful, lighthearted anime about cheer leading boys. I was very pleased to see an overweight character in the PV. I know there is a very low obesity rate in Japan, and therefore there are rarely overweight character depicted in manga and anime, so it was just nice to see one, especially in a sports anime. Good representation there. I’m really looking forward to watching this show.

All Out!!


Butts. That’s all I can see and that’s what’s drawing me to this anime, I am not going to to lie. There’s no PV for this anime yet since it’s not due to air until Autumn, but it still looks interesting… (I’m sorry, but just LOOK at that butt – it’s right in the freaking center of the image!)

Yuri!!! on Ice


This looks very beautiful. There’s no air date for this anime, but I imagine it won’t be out until Winter due to the subject matter of the show. Although, having said that, since we have a PV it will most likely air in Autumn. Anyway, it looks like it’s going to be a very visually pleasing anime, with a very distinct ethereal atmosphere to it.

Days (TV)

Again, this anime has no air date, but I imagine it will be in the Autumn lineup, just because football is an autumn sport. This one reminds me most of the traditional sports anime, such as Kuroko and Haikyuu. Too early to get a good impression for this anime since the PV is so short.

If you look on you see all the sports anime that will be airing this year – looks like there’s going to be a baseball anime called Battery (July), the third season of Haikyuu (Oct), the third season of Yowamushi Pedal, an ecchi sports anime about gymnastics called Keijo!!!!!!!!, and Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume which is about girl’s ping-pong.

I wish that the female sports anime didn’t sound so naff. If the gymnastics one wasn’t ecchi I would probably give that a go, because it would probably be really beautiful, and the visual for the ping-pong series doesn’t look particularly inspiring. I wish there was a female sports anime out there that was exactly like a male sports anime, but with women. To me, all female sports anime are too ‘cute’. There’s something raw and heart felt about male sports anime, which I feel isn’t captured in the female version. If you do know any good female sports anime, comment down below with them – I feel this is a genre I need to explore.

Are you excited for any of the upcoming sports anime of 2016?


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