A Possible Future for Hunter x Hunter

So, Hunter x Hunter fans received some grim (although perhaps not completely unexpected) news that Togashi is once again going on hiatus for an indefinite period of time. The manga only returned from its two year hiatus in April.

It is well-known that Togashi suffers from chronic lower back pain (think it’s no big deal? Check out these statements he released). He is very very ill. I don’t want anyone to take offense from this blog post since this matter is becoming quite a sensitive optic, but I want to lay down an idea that I think would be a pretty awesome direction for HxH to take.


Namely, that Togashi finds someone else to draw Hunter x Hunter while he concentrates on the story line.

I’m not sure how likely this possibility is since I heard that Togashi doesn’t like to take assistants on to help him draw, and seems to prefer doing all the work himself. Therefore, I don’t think he would like anyone else drawing his work for him.

But at some point I think he’s going to have to accept that he can’t do this on his own anymore. His comeback in April this year seemed like the start of a new era for him – that after two years perhaps his illness had either been cured, or had lessen to the extent that allowed him to work. Hunter x Hunter fans must be getting irritated about his constant hiatuses, and I image Jump magazine is also finding it hard to add him in and out of the magazine.

So, who should draw Hunter x Hunter?

Well, the housemate came up with a really good solution – that Sui Ishida, who writes and draws Tokyo Ghoul should be the one to take over drawing HxH for Togashi.

If you didn’t know, Ishida is a big HxH fan – so much so that he drew a doujinshi for Hisoka’s backstory. He seems like the perfect candidate to take over drawing HxH. However, his and Togashi’s drawing styles aren’t exactly similar, so there would be a inconsistency with the art style, and also Ishida is busy working on Tokyo Ghoul re. But a lot of mangakas often have two series on the go, so I image if Togashi did the panels and plot, Ishida would have plenty of time to do the final drawings alongside his main work.

Again, this is an idea. I doubt it’s going to happen, but how awesome would it be?!

What do you think will happen to Hunter x Hunter now?


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