Why Black Clover is (not really) a Haikyuu!! AU fanfic

Hello! Long time no speak!

This post was going to go up at the bank holiday weekend, but I never got round to it, so I’ve set some time aside this weekend to get some blogging done.

Lately the housemate and I have become OBSESSED with Haikyuu!! (like so obsessed that we’ve joined a local volleyball club!) We’re also been reading Black Clover. And as a result we’ve seen a few similarities between the two series, which has made us come up with a little theory… 

Basically, we think Black Clover is a Haikyuu!! AU fanfic. (It probably isn’t, but for the sake of this blog post just pretend it is!)

The first thing that sparked this theory was reading the sample chapters for both manga in the Viz Media 2016 preview book they release every May. I noticed that Asta and Hinata looked very similar.

Not only did they look similar, but so did Yuno and Kageyama.

Then I read volume 1 of Black Clover and the character similarities just kept growing. Magna Swing and Nishinoya…

Sekke Bronzazza and Coach Ukai…

The personalities of Asta and Hinata are very similar.They have that typical shounen hero persistence and charm. Both of them proclaim that they won’t give up when the tough gets going. They share that sweet smile, and have the same curly hair and short height.

Even Yuno and Kageyama have the same personalities – at least they do after Kageyama’s character development. Although we don’t know much about Yuno’s personality at present – he seems quite a mellow guy, although he’s going to undergo some sort of character change at some point.

Yeah. Black Clover totally a Haikyuu!! AU fanfic…


One thought on “Why Black Clover is (not really) a Haikyuu!! AU fanfic

  1. I find Magna more alike to Tanaka tho. The way asta and Magna get along, it’s just how hinata and tanaka communicate. Not to mention that Tanaka always emphasizes that he’s finally a 2nd year senior (just like Magna who keeps on mentioning he’s the mentor)


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