Boku no Hero: A Hero/Villain Origin Story?

By now I assume most of you have watched Boku no Hero? Or read the manga?

If you haven’t, you should. It’s such an amazing series from Shounen Jump. It has the same heart as series such as Naruto and Assassination Classroom, but it involves superheroes. It’s Japan’s answer to the wave of Marvel and DC films that have been sweeping the world.

So, I have a theory that what is happening in the manga at the moment is actually the pre-time skip events for the main plot. What we are reading now is the origin story for the main villain/hero showdown.

Before I start, I will say I’m reading the volumes as Viz Media prints them, so I read volume 5 this month. This blog is written in ignorance of what is happening in the latest Japanese chapters.

My theory is that Bakugou is going to pull as Sasuke on us and go over to the villain’s side, and then Midoriya will have to defeat him.

I say this because Bakugou seems to have no interest in being a hero to help people. He’s only going down this path because he wants fame, fortune and it gives him an outlet to use his destructive powers. In the entrance exam to U.A. he scored 77 points, none of which were rescue points. Everyone else on the leader-board for the entrance exam scored some.

NB// Bakugo’s name is at no.1; Midoriya’s at no. 7

Bakugou is conceited and proud. He hates to lose. He thinks he’s the top dog. He wants to be the best, and I think he doesn’t care whether he gets to be there from being a hero or a villain.


After his fight with Uraraka, one of the class calls him “villain-face”. During the match a spectator says, “That’s not the way someone who wants to be a hero acts.”


I’m so excited to see where the plot for Boku no Hero is going to go, and what Horikoshi is going to do with Bakugou’s character.

I have a feeling Bakugo will be taken over to the villain’s side, and trained as the apprentice by the guy who caused All Might’s serious injuries (the ones he shows Midoriya in the first chapter). Then Midoriya and Bakugo will have to fight it out at the end.

What do you think? Do you think Bakugou will go over to the “dark side”?


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