We’re going to Japan!

It’s true.

And it’s terrifying and exciting!


After 3 years of saving, my nakama and I are finally going to Japan!

We jokingly said to each other back in Easter 2014 that we should go together one day – if we were still friends in x years times (I think my nakama took a bit of an offense to that statement!)

We’re flying out next week, visiting Kyoto for a week, then heading to Osaka for a day, getting the overnight bus to Tokyo, where we shall be for just under a week.

I won’t lie – I’m terrified. I haven’t flown since 2013 when my friend and I went to Antwerp for a week. A quick 1 hour flight across The Channel is a little different to a 10 hour journey to Japan!

But I am excited. This trip has been a long time in the making. We’ve got our accommodation booked, all our transported sorted and a rough idea of what we want to do on each day. Just hope I’ve got enough space in my suitcase to bring all the items I want back with me!!

So, sayonara minna – Japan is calling my name!


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