My Top 5 Anime Soundtracks

One of the defining components of a good anime is a good soundtrack. Every anime needs music, and there are some truly banging OSTs out there.

Here are my favourites.

Fairy Tail

Flutes, violins, folk music mixed with heavy guitar rifts, drums and choral singing. FML. I love this OST so much.

It’s such an awesome mix of instruments, with pumping rhythms that make you want to explode into shounen battle mode. And, of course, the odd heartfelt tracks that make you want to sink down to the floor and sob your eyes outs (it’s OK though – cause characters rarely die in Fairy Tail).



I love the Norgami soundtrack because it is mostly compiled of experimental tracks: Whale calls, Middle Eastern inspired vocals (you may recall the time they had to re-edit an episode because the composer accidentally used an Islamic call to pray in one of the tracks), dub-step vibes and the occasional heavy bass line.

This is truly a soundtrack that stands out from the crowd.



I love this soundtrack because it is so inspiring.

The sound of this OST fits the mood of Haikyuu! perfectly. I feel a burst of energy, but also the tension from some of the more intense tracks (those violins!). Listening to this soundtrack always makes me want to play volleyball – it’s a great set of tracks to listen to before heading into a match!


Naruto Shippuden

Talking of soundtracks that fit their anime perfectly, I think the Naruto OST does that as well.

The Naruto Shippuden soundtrack was composed – Yasuharu Takanashi – by the same guy who did Fairy Tail (he also did the OST for All Out!, which is also well worth listening to). Again,  Takanashi does a masterful job of mixing rock music with traditional music, but instead of European folk music, he uses traditional Japanese music for Naruto Shippuden. And in a world like Naruto where there’s traditional Japanese architecture and values, mixed in with modern clothing and technology, that blend of styles fits the setting like a glove.

Yona of the Dawn

Where as I love all of the above soundtracks for their epic battle music, I love the Yona of the Dawn OST for it’s calmer tracks, like ‘A Place in the Sun for Hak’, and ‘Childhood in Kouka Kingdom’. Although ‘Akatsuki no Yona Final Chapter’ is such an awesome track (still can’t believe they went from that track as an OP to this).


What’s your favourite anime soundtrack? Let me know down below.


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