We’re entering Jump’s Universal Manga Contest!

We’ve got 6 months to create a 55 page one-shot, which will be worthy of publication in Shounen Jump…

Wish us luck!

Some of you might have heard that for their 50th anniversary, Shounen Jump magazine are launching a new app and also running an international manga contest.

Despite the fact we’re still working on the manga – for which I launched this blog for 2 years ago – the artist and I are going to enter. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

We’ve got our plot and characters all sorted, and have set ourselves deadlines for the script, character designs, panel drafts and final version.

I would love to run updates on this blog, showing you the progression of the one-shot, but I’m a suspicious person and don’t want to risk someone stealing our ideas. That’s sort of the reason I haven’t shared any updates on the manga we’ve been working on for the past 2 years – I’m afraid of someone stealing our ideas and doing something with them before we’re ready to show the world our manga in it’s final version.

I’ll share the finished one-shot with you in the new year after we’ve submitted it for entry.

I look forward to (finally!) sharing some of our work with you!

Is anyone else entering Shounen Jump’s International Manga contest? 


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