Update: The desire to get back into blogging

Hi all. Long time no speak.

Even though I’ve been awful about updating this blog in the past year it’s always been nagging at the back of my mind.

I hate giving up on projects, especially this one.

It was meant to be a platform to promote the manga the nakama and I were creating together – me writing the script, and her drawing the content. Two years later we only have 2 arcs of rough content to show for it. The drawing aspect is taking longer than we anticipated (I was hoping that by this point in time we would have 2 arcs of final drafts to show you).

We took a break this summer to work on the Shounen Jump competition entry, but the nakama is suffering from a bad case of artist’s block, so I don’t think that project will ever see the light of day. Which is a shame, because we were both excited about it (and, as I said before, I hate giving up on projects).

Now, we’re in a limbo state, as is this blog.

But I want to pick up writing content for it once more. I was really enjoying sharing my thoughts about the anime I was watching and the manga I was reading with like-minded people (I know you’re out there, but you’re very hard to find in the real world!)

My life has changed a lot over the past year – I’ve got a permanent job, I’ve bought a house and I’ve got some real (if gentle) pressure on me to get a book project finished – but now that things have settled down, I’m hoping to kick start this blog back up again with a weekly post (which might become fortnightly…we’ll see how we go!)

If I don’t do it this side of Christmas, I’ll make it a new year’s resolution!

Ja ne, minna!


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