What really happens when you watch Haikyuu!!

Never would I have thought that watching an anime would put me on crutches.

So, you know when people say they’re getting too deep into a fandom?

I think I’ve sunk to the bottom of the pit.

Back in May 2016 the nakama and I watched Haikyuu!! while drunk on the eve of my 24th birthday. We stormed through the first two seasons and then religiously watched season 3 each week as it aired.

Our obsession and love for the show was so strong that we started playing volleyball. We found a club in our city. Started playing once a week. Then joined the club, played in the local league, left the club to join a better one, and participated in a few summer tournaments.

That damn anime made us fall in love with a team sport – and I hate team sports.

That damn anime has also put me on crutches.

I sprained my knee, during the first match of the new season. It was only a grade 1 injury (minor), but I had to use crutches for a week and now I can barely walk. I’ve got another 3 weeks (at least) until I’m fully functional again, and another 6 weeks (at least) until I can go back to playing volleyball.


Goddammit, Haikyuu!!! Look what you’ve done to me!

When the nakama and I joined the first club, we were in a beginner’s group of people who had never played volleyball before. Most of them were younger than us (*weeps*) and most of them wanted to try the sport for the same reason we did – because they had watched Haikyuu!!. 

So, beware! Even if you’re the most un-sporty person in the world, if you watch Haikyuu!! there is a high chance your Google search will be populated with searches for volleyball clubs in your local area.

And if you get to that stage, get an ice pack and some parental help on standby for when you injure yourself.

Trust me. It can happen.

Have you taken up a new sport or hobby because of an anime you have watched? Comment down below. 


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