A fantastic Autumn makes up for a poor Summer

I think we can all agree on something; the selection of good anime in the summer 2017 season was piss poor.

Which is why I’m so pleased that we have such a fantastic spread of shows for autumn 2017.

During the summer, I watched Fastest Finger, Aoyama-kun and Boruto. 

I loved Boruto to pieces and am still watching it. I dropped Fastest Finger about halfway through, and forced myself to finished Aoyama-kun, because, goddammit, I had to watch something!

I know that My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan aired over the summer, but I chose not to watch those because I had already read the manga. (I’m such a snob. I know, I know…)

If Crunchyroll had licenced Welcome to the Ballroom, Made in the Abyss, and Dive! I might have tried those, but as it was they were streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime (the bastards). It’s a sad truth that Amazon managed to snap up all the season’s only decent shows (although I assume Dive! was a bit of a belly flop?!) I heard so many amazing things about Made in the Abyss that’s made me desperate to watch it – I’m glad Seven Seas are publishing the manga next year!

Anyway, enough about Amazon’s anime monopolizing – that’s another blog post! – and let’s celebrate HOW AMAZING the autumn 2017 anime season is.

Because it is awesome, right?

We’ve got:

  • Black Clover – highly anticipated, but we’ll see how much of a mess Studio Pierrot make of it (we’re only on episode 4 and we’ve already had a episode and a half worth of filler content)
  • Juni Taisen – saw a trailer for this long ago; it disappeared off the internet for a while and I couldn’t find anything else about it, but glad the project was seen through to completion
  • Boruto (still ongoing) – it’s filler, but it’s decent enough filler
  • Recovery of an MMO Junkie – I’m really loving this anime; it’s clique in so many senses, but it’s really cute and uplifting
  • March Comes in Like a Lion (season 2) – so happy this anime got a season 2, especially since the manga hasn’t been licenced in the west yet; I think it explores so very interesting topics and the story is well written
  • The Ancient Magus Bride – I love the Ancient Magus Bride manga, and so far Studio Wit are doing a great job of animating it (dreading the arc that starts next week!)
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront (season 2) – love this ridiculous anime; it makes no sense, but it’s great fun!

When you have a season of anime that is as bad as the summer 2017 one (if you chose not to watch MHA and AOT2), it makes you realise just how lucky we are when we get a season as good as the one we have now. To be honest, I was really busy over this summer, so it was nice not to have a stack of anime episodes that I needed to watch piling up on my head.

There are a few seasons of anime lurking in the pipeline that I’ve very excited for – One Punch Man season 2, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen, and the third season of Sword Art Online. Really hoping for some good, anime original content as well. Let’s see what 2018 has in store, and that Amazon doesn’t completely dominate the anime streaming market!

What did you think of the summer 2017 anime season? Are you enjoying the autumn 2017 season? Let me know. Comment down below.


One thought on “A fantastic Autumn makes up for a poor Summer

  1. The Summer Season was a bit flat for me. Yes, My Hero Academia was great fun and I also really enjoyed Princess Principal. Pretty much while I had fun with other shows there wasn’t anything else that I was overly thrilled with. Autumn so far is shaping up to be significantly stronger (though of course there is still room for it all to go horribly wrong). Still, my watch list this season is huge with 16 shows on the line up and only one or two of those that I feel might get dropped mid-season.

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