My Top 5 Manga Artists

Remember that time I said I wanted to get back into blogging? That’s right. It was that time back in October last year, since when I have published a pathetic five blog posts…!

Yeah, I remember that too. And, yeah, it hasn’t gone well since.

But here we are again, so let me tell you about the manga artists who I love to pieces.

5. Masashi Kishimoto

I really like the simplicity of Kishimoto’s art. Compared to someone like Hajime Isayama, Kishimoto barely uses any grey scaling, which gives him art a very clean feel. I also think he’s a fantastic mangaka to study for action paneling – he manages to show all those little steps in an action sequence that enable you to follow a battle in small detail without slowing the pacing.

4. Sui Ishida


Having said how much I like Kishimoto’s art for how clean it is, I like Ishida’s for the opposite reason. It’s messy and full of textures and tones. It’s dark and gritty. I love the urban feeling Ishida brings to his art, especially his colour pieces. His art style perfectly fits the grainy underground feeling of Tokyo Ghoul.

3. Adachitoka

Adachitoka’s water colour pieces are the best, and I’ve already gushed about how much I love them in My Top 5 Manga Volume Cover Art post (mangakas should use water colour more – even though they’re a pain in the arse!). I like how Adachitoka can go from drawing cute and funny sketches – such as Yato’s infamous cat face – and then switch to monstrous ayakashi beings that creep the hell out of you.

2. Haruichi Furudate

It took me a while to learn how to appreciate Furudate’s art, but the more Haikyuu!! I read, the more I come to love it. It’s so distinctive. I think they’re great at using background textures for funny panels, which translated well when they animated the series. Like Adachitoka, Furudate is great at adapting his art to what they are drawing – simplifying the characters when conveying funny moments, but then can intensify the action and drama with rush lines, dark shading and tones.

1. Kanna Kii


Kanna Kii’s art is just cute. It’s soft and subtle. Not the type of art style you would traditionally associate with yaoi manga, but it gives her stories a beautiful feeling – like you know everything is going to be OK. Which makes it so much harder hitting when tensions start to rise. If I could pick one artist I wanted to emulate in my drawing style, it would be Kanna Kii.

Demizu Posuka


A honourable mention to Demizu Posuka, who I have recently discovered after reading The Promised Neverland. His art is stunning, especially his colour pieces. He’s got a stunning visual imagination. You can see examples over on his Twitter channel. Seriously, this guy must spend all his time drawing if he has time to create amazing pieces of full colour art for his social media while he is working on a weekly manga series.

Who are your favourite manga artists? Comment down below and let me know.


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