We’re going to Japan!

It’s true.

And it’s terrifying and exciting!

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Manga bookshelf tour

I’ve loved reading since I was young.

I started listening to cassette tapes, because I found reading tricky. Then something in my brain kicked into gear and it no longer became a struggle. I spent my summer holidays buried in stacks of books borrowed from the library, or prowling the shelves of my town’s local bookshop.

When my nakama and I decided to create a manga together, I thought it would be a good idea to actually read some, which is how I got into the mess I’m currently in…

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Haikyuu!!: Amazing writing techniques

So in May the housemate and I sat down with a bottle on rum on the eve of my 24th birthday, and watched Haikyuu!!

Since that drunken night I’ve been looking at Haikyuu!! very closely as a writer, and I’ve started to see how cleaver the mangaka of the series, Haruichi Furudate, is. They’ve used so many awesome techniques to give the manga a life of its own.

Let me explain:

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Boku no Hero: A Hero/Villain Origin Story?

By now I assume most of you have watched Boku no Hero? Or read the manga?

If you haven’t, you should. It’s such an amazing series from Shounen Jump. It has the same heart as series such as Naruto and Assassination Classroom, but it involves superheroes. It’s Japan’s answer to the wave of Marvel and DC films that have been sweeping the world.

So, I have a theory that what is happening in the manga at the moment is actually the pre-time skip events for the main plot. What we are reading now is the origin story for the main villain/hero showdown.

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Let’s talk about: Black Clover

My housemate recommended Black Clover to me. I bought the first volume in July and fell in love with it. But since reading the next one I’m beginning to see the series isn’t as polished as most Shounen Jump titles that get a western release.

So what are the good and bad points of the series?

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Why Black Clover is (not really) a Haikyuu!! AU fanfic

Hello! Long time no speak!

This post was going to go up at the bank holiday weekend, but I never got round to it, so I’ve set some time aside this weekend to get some blogging done.

Lately the housemate and I have become OBSESSED with Haikyuu!! (like so obsessed that we’ve joined a local volleyball club!) We’re also been reading Black Clover. And as a result we’ve seen a few similarities between the two series, which has made us come up with a little theory… 

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